After completing your Treeathlon you are entitled to a medal commemorating your participation and representing the 50 real life trees that have been planted in Kenya.

 A lot of medals for virtual and real life races are intensively manufactured abroad and shipped in bulk around the world. The carbon footprint for these products seems at odds with our mission to reduce carbon emissions. We looked at using a wooden/sustainable medal but felt a medal made by cutting down a tree also seemed counter intuitive.

In the end we settled on a natural slate medal produced in the UK using a zero waste manufacturing process, anything used in manufacturing is recycled/reused and any unused medals from an event can be returned for recycling. Slate is a mineral product that requires very little processing which results in a relatively low environmental impact when compared to a plastic or metal alternative.

If you would like to maximise your planting contribution, you can opt out of receiving your medal. This will allow us to plant a further 25 trees on your behalf, bringing your total contribution to 75! Considering every new tree planted could remove and store as much as 10 tonnes of carbon over its life, we want to plant as many as we possibly can and would appreciate runners that are prepared to make the swap. 

If you want our unique natural medal to add to your collection, then we also understand! We put a lot of effort into making it and hope you are as proud of it as we are!


Our zero waste medal is produced and manufactured in the UK. 


run and plant trees in october 


Every entry = 50 trees planted.

Treeathlon advances the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Treeathlon is an initiative of Seefar, designed to provide a way for adventurous people to easily do something about climate change.  Your entrance fees will help plant trees in Kenya.